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kapsul daun kelor

dimana beli kapsul daun kelor | Daun kelor anggota dari tanaman kelor tidak cuman mempunyai faedah sebagai pengobatan diabetes, peluruh kolestrol dan imunitas, ternyata termasuk terkadung nutrisi yang diperlukan bagi tubuh. Diantaranya takaran mineral dan vitamin. Dimana Setiap 100 g daun kelor punya kandungan 3390 SI vitamin A. Dua kali lebih tinggi dari bayam dan tigapuluh kali lebih tinggi dari buncis. Daun kelor termasuk tinggi kalsium, kurang lebih 440 mg/100 g, serta fosfor 70 mg/100 g.

#1. Menjaga berat badan
Hal penting yang jangan dilupakan yaitu untuk melindungi tubuh sehingga tetap sesuai berat badannya. Studi yang ditunaikan para pakar menemukan bahwa teh kelor mendukung untuk mengatasi persoalan pencernaan…

…yang manfaatnya untuk merangsang metabolisme tubuh sehingga optimal dalam membakar kalori.

Dilansir berasal dari miraj online shop , teh yang dibuat berasal dari daun kelor memiliki kandungan polyphenol yang tinggi, yang bekerja sebagai antioksidan. kegunaan antioksidan untuk mendetoksifikasi racun di dalam tubuh, dan memperkuat proses kekebalan tubuh.

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Top How to Write an Article to Be SEO Friendly

Jasa seo indonesia | What does an SEO-friendly article look like these days?Ask 100 people and you will probably get 100 different answers. The problem is that a lot of marketing ‘experts’ are still stuck in the past when it comes to the best strategies for getting a post to the top of Google and this results in a lot of low quality content and a lot of wasted time.

The best way to make an article SEO-friendly is actually quite simple, so read on and let’s dive into what you need to know.

Provide Value

To understand how to write the best SEO-friendly article, it pays to get inside the mindset of Google a little. What is Google trying to achieve?

The answer is simple: it wants to serve its users by linking them to the very highest quality and most relevant content that it can find. Thus, any signals that you can send to Google to show that your content is high quality and relevant, will ultimately results in a boost to your SEO. The question is just how you go about doing that.

One example is to include outward bound links to other useful resources, relevant to the content of your site. This shows Google that you’re interested in providing as much information as possible to your readers, it aligns you with high quality sites and it provides references to back up your claims (suggesting accuracy).

What this shouldn’t mean is that ‘every article needs at least two outward bound links’. This is entirely missing the point as it will create a predictable pattern on your site that will look like manipulation. Link out when it is relevant and useful and don’t be cynical about it.

It’s also for this reason that Google likes to see long content – of around 800 words+. While reports vary, it is generally thought that the ideal content length for SEO is approximately 1,800 words – and this will improve your chances of being features as News.


It’s painful to see, but some SEO companies still think that a good SEO article is one that has the same keywords repeated over and over, to the detriment of the reading experience. This is one of the fastest ways to have your content flagged as spam, if not by Google, then by the human readers on your site.

Instead, keywords should be used very sparingly. A density of around 1-2% is recommended but only when that is appropriate and when it fits with the content naturally. This is one reason to write longer-form content though, as longer posts are going to have more space for repetitive keyword use. It’s also important to recognize that synonyms and related terms are just as important, if not more so. Try to write around the subject and let related terms enter your content naturally. This is something you can expect to play a bigger and bigger role in future.


Finally, space out your content and use lots of headings. Use large fonts and a narrative, user-friendly structure. This will help to keep people on your pages for longer and that’s one of the other things that Google looks for when ranking content.